8 signs that you are good in love

What do you think, the partner is lucky with you? Perhaps after reading the question, you immediately nodded vigorously with your head. Then, however, they remembered how recently he hissed at his husband, when he, preparing you breakfast, got the whole kitchen. Or that they have not collected a rack, although the wife has already asked you a hundred times about it. Well, no one is perfect, and this is not required: in a relationship, more important is another.

1. You have borders and you can defend them

You do not “grow together” with a partner and do not live his life;You know where one in your pair “ends” one and the second begins. You are not a single wolf, but at the same time independent. You are fully involved in a relationship, but this does not make you co -dependent.

You want the partner to be happy, but do not come up with your own interests, just to please or reassure him. You know for sure what you want to do and which of your friends and relatives to see, and are not ready to refuse it – your partner does not require this.

2. You know how to declare your desires and needs

You clearly and clearly talk about what suits you in your relationship and what is not. You do it openly and know how to insist on your own, but at the same time you are not passive. You do not back down, just to avoid conflict. In addition, you can listen very well and are able to look at any situation through the eyes of a partner.

3. You are an emotionally mature person and expect from a loved one

You and only you are responsible for your mood, feelings and behavior. You behave like an adult – at least most of the time – and do not transfer to your partner a solution to all your problems.

When a loved one has a hard time, you are ready to listen and support him, but you understand that he is an independent person responsible for his choice and decision. You are waiting for the same support in response, without acting as “parents” for each other.

4. You have an idea of a healthy relationship

Many are sure that they are not lucky in love, because in childhood they were deprived of a normal example of a relationship between a man and a woman. Of course, it is great when harmony, mutual understanding and love reign in a parental family, but each of us is able to create our own model of healthy relationships, based on a variety of “sources” – literature (including psychology), examples of familiar steam.

5. You see a partner as it is, without embellishment

You do not expect when a loved one really reveals and realizes his potential. You are not trying to make someone else out of him: even if a person changes externally, he will remain the same inside. And you are ready to accept and forgive it.

6. Your expectations are realistic

You quite rightly wait for the partner to fulfill promises, but do not hope that he will solve all your problems and protect you from worries and stress. And if you, for example, have your own standards in the house, you are not angry with a loved one when it turns

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out that he is not able to support them.

7. You are generous

You are truly kind and do something for a partner even without a request or reminder. You spread, but to a reasonable limit, without squeezing yourself to the last drop. You generously give your partner your time, energy, support and love.

8. You are lucky

Love cannot do without an element of luck: we can be the most beautiful person in the world, but this does not mean that the partner will love us the way we deserve it. So if your feelings and attitude towards each other are mutual, be grateful for this.

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