“For her daughter, gymnastics is more important than studying”

Daughters 9 years old, she is engaged in rhythmic gymnastics. Recently moved after the coach to another sports school, go 40 minutes. There are no strength for lessons. I propose to quit or look for the section closer – hysteria: “Gymnastics is more important than lessons”. Doubles went at school, we will constantly quarrel.

Perhaps the sports section and deuces at school are connected. It’s really difficult for children to evaluate their strength, and here without the help of adults. Despite the fact that the girl really likes gymnastics, the decision, to bring her to a sports school or not, remains with her mother – yours. Explain to your daughter that what is happening applies not only to her, but by all: she is tired, because of this, studying, you are tired and you, taking it every day to the other end of the city.

You need to look for alternative options. Surely there are sections closer to the house. You can offer your daughter to try to work out in different schools and stay in the one where the coach will suit her. It will be part of it in solving a common problem. But I have a feeling as if you are asking the girl to independently solve this difficult problem. You don’t seem to tell her “no” directly. And the daughter desperately protects her interests, so you quarrel.

Either you agree that it is important to do precisely in this sports school and this coach – then try to find ways to support the child in study (hire a tutor, help with lessons). Or you make a decision that it is impossible to engage in a long -standing sports school. This girl will not please, but will give certainty, put an end to a protracted problem.

But maybe deuces are not related to gymnastics and a problem in something else. What is the emotional state of the girl in general


? What is the situation at your home? Are there any problems with classmates? Pay attention to this before blaming sports in everything.

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